System type Projector Speaker
Standard European Standard EN 54-24 /2008; Certification no. 1438-CPR-0693
Speaker for voice alarm systems for fire detection and fire alarm system
Environment Type Type A (Indoor applications)
Transducer  LF 5″ full range speaker 6.5″ full range speaker
Rated Noise Power 20W 30W
(100V and 70V line) (100V and 70V line)
Frequency Response 130Hz – 20kHz 110Hz – 20kHz
Rated Impedance (100V line) 500Ω (20W) 333Ω (30W)
1.0kΩ (10W) 666Ω (15W)
2.0kΩ (5W) 1.33kΩ (7.5W)
(70V line) 250Ω (20W) 163Ω (30W)
500Ω (10W) 333Ω (15W)
1.0kΩ (5W) 666Ω (7.5W)
Sensitivity (500Hz-5kHz pink noise) 89dB (1W, 1m) 90dB (1W, 1m)
(100Hz-10kHz pink noise, according to EN54-24) 77dB (1W, 4m) 78dB (1W, 4m)
(100Hz-10kHz pink noise, converted based on EN54-24) 89dB (1W, 1m) 90dB (1W, 1m)
Max SPL (Rated noise power, according to EN54-24) 90dB (4m) 91dB (30W, 4m)
(100Hz-10kHz pink noise, converted based on EN54-24) 102dB (20W, 1m) 103dB (30W, 1m)
Coverage Angle (H x V) (500Hz) 360° x 360° 360° x 360°
(1kHz) 202° x 202° 127° x 127°
(2kHz) 95° x 95° 76° x 76°
(4kHz) 68° x 68° 72° x 72°
Weight 1.8 kg (3.97 lbs) 2.8 kg (6.17 lbs)
Dimensions (Φ x D) 154 x 218.5 mm 203 x 288 mm
6.06” x 8.6” 8.0” x 11.3”
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Applicable Cable Solid wire: Φ 6.6mm (18 AWG) UL2464
Cable Connection Steatite terminal x 6 speaker cable (Φ 6.5mm)
Finish Enclosure : ABS + PC
Mesh speaker grill : surface-treated steel plate, black or white paint
Joint bracket, screws and stainless steel cable


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